Handbok EVC-ACC022

This charging adapter was designed to enable charging devices without Type 2 plugs, but with normal schuko 16A plugs. Adapter does not function with charging stations that have charging cable type 2 attached. It sends signals “car ready” and “car charging” to charging station and thus enabling charging with schuko plug.

Get started

  1. Plug charging adapter to charging station Type 2 socket.
  2. Press on Switch (1) (see picture) => charging station gets the message “car ready”.
  3. Press on Switch (2) (see picture) immediately after switching on switch (1), charging station gets the message “car ready”.
  4. Charging station powers relay and you have voltage on your adapter.

Some stations do not require this procedure to be followed, they start charging when you plug in the adapter with both switches at “ON” position.

When you want to stop charging, use the opposite procedure, by first pressing second switch (2) and then first one (1). This will release the cable lock at charging station socket and let you pull out the adapter.

IMPORTANT! Never use more than 16A or 3x16A load at charging adapter!


Maximum continuous current [A] 16
Ingress protection (IP) rating 44
Temperature range [C°] from -40 to +55
Cable cross section [mm2] 2,5
Cable length [mm] 250



Press switch (1) for “car ready” status. Wait 20 seconds and press switch (2) to start the charging process. It only functions on some destination chargers.