Handbok EVC-SCH27

Ladda ner manual och teknisk specifikation i pdf-format

Hur fungerar den dynamisk lastbalanseringen?
Accelevs inbyggda processor känner av när spänningsfall uppstår och sänker laddeffekten. För att lastballanseringen ska fungera måste man koppla minst en och samma fas till en stor strömslukare i hushållet.

Accelev 6kW 2-Phase Charger – Manual

1. Installation
Accelev EVSE should be installed indoors or at least sheltered from rain and snow. It has IP 31 protecton. To install it at the wall, please install quick-click hanging system bar with 2 x 6mm x 50 mm bolts or similar length screws (if installed on a wooden wall). Please remember that Accelev is a portable unit, but stll its weight is about 15 kg so it needs accurate mountng of the quick- click bar.

Accelev, if used as a statonary unit, should be connected to 16A or 32A 3-phase EU connector (red). You can order Accelev with any of these: 16A/32A and 4pin/5pin. Phases can be changed directly in plug (it has a special, rotatng connectors face-side). There is no need to have 32A 3-phase delivery at home, but 32A plugs can be used. For proper installaton consult or call electrician.

2. Operatng cinditins
Accelev EVSE can be used lying fat or hanging (preferred installaton due to beter cooling). If you use Accelev while travelling, remember to avoid covering inlet and outlets of heat. It is also a good idea to protect it from snow or rain, for example – leave it under your car.
For statonary installaton no special rules apply.

3. Speed if charging
Accelev EVSE tries to automatcally optmize your charging speed and load, therefore, the following situatons may occur:
• your AC network is not loaded, car batery is not full – charging speed will be maximized
• your AC network is overloaded – charging speed will be reduced by Accelev
• your car batery is almost full – charging speed will be reduced by car

4. Special riutnes
Accelev has special routnes to accelerate charging Outlander PHEV and Nissan Leaf. For other cars it behaves like any 6 kW EVSE. If you need to learn more about special modes, please contact us.

5. Do/Don’t

You CAN:
• Switch of power source of Accelev while not charging, also by its input connector (you can use it also to reset counter – in such situaton please switch of for at least 5 seconds).
• Disconnect your car at any moment.
• Press buton at delivery plug to restart charging
• Move or carry Accelev while not charging and not connected to the mains and all cables disconnected.

You Should Not
• Switch of power source of Accelev while charging.
• Move or carry Acclev while charging, connected to the mains or cables connected.
• Open Accelev, modify or change its frmware
• Pour water, wash it with water, etc.

6. Main Screen
Temperature if charger – it is a temperature of core. It can be about 30-50C while charging and slightly more (like 60-65C) afer disconnectng your car. This is normal, because fan cooling is stopped and core heat goes out by natural gravitatonal cooling.

AMP limit – your charger can be set to 20A or 24A (5 or 6 kW). If your grid is 16A per phase – no problem with 24A level. If your grid is 10A per phase or so – ask for 20A version.

Voltage of charger core – this is a voltage of “superphase” used to charge your car. It will be higher than your normal voltage per phase. Do not be shocked even if you see 265V or so – this is only an internal measurement and while load it will drop down to about 240-250V (stll over your standard grid voltage – just to accelerate charging). Charger can increase that voltage, when dropped too much or when AC overload detected (then speed will be reduced for a while).

Actual amperes – car side amperes

Speed if charging – actual amperes multplied by actual voltage of output

Time if charge – tme since car is connected. Any disconnecton reset this.

Tital kWh – total kWh charged since last reset (power-of).

Status – charging or waitng for connecton

7. FAQ
1. Can I use Accelev with 230V 3-phase netwirk (like in sime parts if Nirway).
No. It won’t work. Or beter to answer – it will work with a reduced speed to 4 kWh and show an error.

2. Can I use Accelev outdoors?
Yes, but it must be protected from rain, dust or snow, along with all cooling ducts unblocked.

3. Can I leave Accelev inside car while using it fir charging?
Yes, but expect it will be warm inside later. If the car is in the sun – it is much beter to leave it outside. High temperature reduces efciency

4. Why Accelev has ni butins?
We do not need any. It is an intelligent machine. It also self-recognizes you want to load your car.

5. Can I charge Type1/Type2/Tesla US cars with ine charger?
Yes. You need just cables we provide. Tesla US connector, Mennekes (Type2) and J1772 (Type1) are available. Your charger is delivered with one of these types. If you want more – ask us.

6. Can I have linger/shirter cables fir supply/car cinnectin?
Of course. Just tell us what do you need and we will produce that.